Wheels Will Only Slow You Down

Not "Cool" for the Beach
There is a common misconception that wheeled coolers are great for the beach. This could not be any further  from the truth.  Unless you frequent a beach where the sand is packed down like asphalt a wheeled cooler will on cause you to work harder.  None of the best beach coolers you see on this site will feature wheels.  The fine powdery sand of places along the gulf coast like Destin, 30A, and Orange Beach is no place for anything with wheels.  It is amazing how many wheeled coolers local beach retailers sell to the unknowing tourist.  The idea of carrying a cooler full of beer, soda, and bottle water for hundreds of yards down the beach sounds terrible, but I promise it is not as bad as trying to roll one.  The best beach cooler has a few key features: heavy insulation, lightweight, and most importantly multiple handles.  The best cooler for any beach goer is whichever one you can carry the most comfortably.  Before you buy make sure and consider how you will be transporting the cooler... You can thank me later!